Noticing God

On Easter weekend, I cannot stop thinking about how much God provides for my needs.  Obviously, He sent His son to die for me so I could be reconciled to Him.  As if that in itself is not enough, He opens the door for me to have a relationship with Him, and I can always confide in Him.  For the being who created the universe in seven days (well six, technically), He’s totally accessible.  This week in particular, He has shown me just how much He’s there for me if I choose to recognize Him.

I’m not going to lie… this week has been stressful.  Between recruiting kids for our school trip to Europe, to grades being due, to handling the obvious cases of Spring Fever in my classroom, I felt a little overwhelmed.  But, I would not call it a bad week.  Just a week without time to breath.  Even though nothing was trying enough to call on God for help with the matter, He had my back without me even asking.  The end of this week has been one of the most enjoyable that I’ve had in a while.  Just to give you some context:

-I won a $50 giveaway from an Etsy shop I adore.  The shop is launching new products next week, and I am giddy to decide how I’m going to spend my gift card (and more money if we are being honest).

-I went to a free Chase Bryant concert, and better yet, I got to meet Chase Bryant!  I did not win any sort of meet-and-greet passes, but two people at the venue approached me with an extra wristband that got me in to meet Chase.  I wish the world had more nice people like this couple.  Their kind gesture made my night even more so than actually meeting Chase did.

-I got to sleep in on Friday.  After getting 5 or 6 hours of sleep on an average night, I adore sleeping late more than I adore most people.

-I babysat my friend’s sweet twins.  Those sweet bitties can make any day wonderful!

-I woke up early enough to watch the sunrise with my husband.  For future reference, everyone should experience mountaintop morning coffee as often as possible.  It’s totally worth getting out of bed to chase the sun.

-I had a fun day out in Asheville with my husband.  Although we were there to visit his grandfather in the hospital, we made the best of the day under unpleasant circumstances.  We went shopping, and I found out that, even after my weight gain the past year, I can still fit into size 6 dresses!  After feeling quite plump the past couple of months, trying on clothes was a much needed ego stroke.

I am not saying that the only time I notice God’s goodness is when things are going my way.  On the contrary, I feel just as close (if not closer) to Him during my struggles.  I’m merely acknowledging that He knows us better than we know ourselves, and that we can witness Him even in the little things.  Nothing will ever display His love and power more than Christ’s death and resurrection, but that does not mean that we cannot see Him even in ordinary days.  Small miracles are miracles nonetheless.

I’m choosing to look for Him more, even on the most chaotic of days!


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