Who cares if we never get it right?

“Here’s to a new year and another chance to get it right.”

We’ve all heard it. It’s an age-old quote that we pull out of our pockets when December begins to come to a close and we wait with anticipation for what the new year holds.

Honestly, I hate that quote. I despise it. Obviously, the ambiguous “it” in the quote can be a plethora of things, but let’s just call it “life” for simplicity’s sake. In that case, we’ve never gotten it right, nor will we ever. Life is messy. No matter how much we learn, grow, and have cathartic experiences, life will never be perfect. That’s the reality.

So, instead of beating ourselves up when yet another year comes to an end and we haven’t quite gotten it “right,” how about setting our sights on something more reasonable like…

I’m going to make this year my best yet.
I’m not going to settle for anything less that I deserve in any avenue of life.
I’m going to try to give back to my community.
I’m going to be a good citizen of the world.

Just because we don’t quite get it right or perfect doesn’t mean we can’t revel in what we do have and see something beautiful in everyday.

Just because I won’t get it quite right doesn’t mean I can’t set goals for myself. Yep, New Year’s Resolutions. You all knew they were coming. Here are 15 for ’15 and one to grow on. Wish me luck and a lot of valuable lessons learned!

16. Learn a cool party trick. I’ve wanted to know a cool party trick since I saw Cameron Diaz in What Happens in Vegas. Hopefully I can make this happen before next New Year’s Eve.

15. Shop less. I’m forever trying to be less materialistic, but it is hard.

14. Get a new tattoo. I’ve had the itch for awhile. When I lose enough weight to be happy with my body again, this will be my reward to myself.

13. Do more things in my hometown. The Appalachias are full of beautiful hiking trails, waterfalls, and mountain overlooks just begging to be found. And I want to find them all!

12. Stop getting upset about trivial matters. I’m getting better, but this one is a constant battle.

11. Remove toxic people from my life.

10. Save money. Hopefully, Colby and I will have two incomes by this point, and I want to seize the opportunity to secure a great future for us.

9. Devote more time and energy to my jewelry business.

8. Cook and read more. Two things that bring me happiness are two things I need to spend more time doing.

7. Continue spending a lot of time with my family. I never thought I would be living back in Andrews, but while I am, I want to make the most of my sweet time with family, especially those who are elderly.

6. Edit Organa and send query letters. I know it is a shot in the dark that any literary agents would be interested in my book, but that doesn’t mean I’m not going to give it a try. Handing over my writing to someone and being this vulnerable terrifies me, but it is time to take this leap of faith.

5. Check at least 5 items off of my bucket list.

4. Travel to at least one new place. Just blame it on my gypsy soul. Eternal restlessness is my life’s anthem.

3. Do yoga everyday. I found a form of exercise I love almost as much as I did gymnastics, so why not make it part of my daily routine?

2. Continue eating healthy and running. I want to lose 20-30 pounds and run a 5k this summer, and neither will happen if I don’t take action.

1. Strengthen my two my important relationships… The one with my husband, and the one with God.

2015 will not be perfect, but if I accomplish everything on this list, it will be one to remember.


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